Developing the mindset, skills and confidence needed to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Firearms & Preparedness Training

One on One Instruction

We work directly with you to develop the fundamentals without the distraction of group classes.

Medical Training

We bring over 20 years of experience to teach you life saving skills when seconds count.

Group Classes

We offer group classes for all programs offered. These programs can be tailored to your group or you can join one of our open enrollment class offerings.

Trust Us

We Are Here to Help!​

Our vetted instructors come from various military and civilian components and teach realistic tactics that are easy to understand. We believe in being your own first responder. As the saying goes “the police are minutes away, when seconds count.”

Why Choose Us?

Our vast knowledge of tactics has developed into curriculum that far exceeds the standards. Come join us and experience the passion, enthusiasm and professionalism RFA Tactical has to offer.

Passion & Commitment​
Honesty & Openness​
Dedicated Team​
Practical Approach​